We manage your customs brokerage, industry specific storage and

distribution needs with care and efficiency in a cost-friendly way. Whether

you import or export goods, we have a wide range of services that match your

supply chain. We make sure customers get the right products at the right

place and time with full traceability in real time, our digital platform monitors

all processes in each operation by providing live tracking of your shipment.


Customs clearance is a key time factor in the transport chain.

EZ Ship assist you with clearing goods through customs agencies around

the world, helping you comply with all relevant rules and regulations at

both origin and destination. When the goods arrive, our experienced customs

agents clear them without any delays and the goods can then be released

into free circulation.

Our customs experts know the provisions and guidelines of each country from

which we export or into which we import, leaving you free to concentrate on

your core business.

Rely on us to help you enter new markets seamlessly and compliantly.

Track your order with


Whatever your market sector, in today’s highly competitive

environment, efficient warehousing and distribution management is

central to commercial success. That’s why you will be seeking a supply

chain partner with a strong track record. Getting the right product to

the right destination, on time, on budget, with end-to-end visibility.

We provide our clients with the most cost-effective, custom solutions

by consolidating warehousing, transportation, and delivery services.

Our logistics specialists analyze and design custom supply chain

solutions to meet the demands of an ever-changing market and the

needs and business requirements.

We deliver end-to-end supply chain solutions for different industries.

Our expertise and customized service can assist our customers to

move their product effectively and efficiently. We can deliver your

innovative solutions to your logistics needs.

international and domestic freight shipments on time and providing


– Integral Logistics Service

– Real Time Tracking to get end-to-end

visibility of your shipment

– Customs Compliance

– Trade Management

– Local and national transportation

– Packaging, processes, and solutions

– Production and After Sales Logistics

– Distribution

Our warehouse systems integrate directly with asset tracking and inventory management programs, allowing you to coordinate and manage your entire supply chain from a single interface which provides full control.


EZ Ship provide you cost efficient and flexible solutions that adapt to your business needs and keeps your logistics ahead of the competition. At the core of our services is a highly professional, flexible, and motivated staff and a state-of-the-art warehouse management system with flawless integration capabilities. We receive, store, pack, track and ship your products.

Senior male warehouse worker or a supervisor with white helmet loading or unloading a pallet truck with boxes.


– Lower your costs and reduce working capital

tied up in supply chains by optimizing the use

of duty suspension, drawback regimes, as well

as Free Trade Agreements.

– Be proactive with changes in customs

regulations, procedures, and licenses that

impact your business.

– Balance safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Warehouse management maximize efficiency

and productivity and have a positive impact

on the business overall.

– Our focus on technology, systems, and

process automation guarantees our ability to

provide management and reporting throughout

the supply chain.

Industrial crane loading Containers in a Cargo freight ship

We make your every day work
easier so that you can focus
on what’s important.

In us you get a supplier for
all your logistics needs.